A proven approach
to shipmanagement


A short introduction of long-time customers, Messrs. MPC Capital Maritime GmbH, represented by Managing Director, Mr. H. Glandien and Fundmanager, Mr. C. Plön:

How many of your ships and which types are under the care of Triton?

"At present, 14 KG1 vessels and 10 KG 2 vessels are accommodated with Triton; a mixture of reefer ships and reefer containers ships."

When did your ships enter Triton shipmanagement?

"Our ships first entered Triton shipmanagement in 2006."

Why did you choose Triton as shipmanager?

"We needed a shipmanager that complied with the KG model and at the same time lodged specific expertise in shipping. Triton was, and still is, offering all these services."

What distinguishes Triton from other shipmanagers?

"The level of transparency, which enhances the reporting quality. Furthermore, we consider the overall picture -Triton as a 'one stop shipmanager'- to be more complete.

Are you satisfied with the services offered?

"Yes, very satisfied. Efficiency is the key!"