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  • DATE PUBLISHED 10-04-18

    A memorable moment for the freezers newbuilding project of Seatrade. Today, 9 April 2018, the next milestone of the Seatrade newbuilding program at GSHI shipyard was reached.

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  • DATE PUBLISHED 10-04-18

    With great pleasure we may announce that Monday 12 March 2018, m.v. Juice Express was delivered at GSHI shipyard to her Owners.

    Under a bright morning sun and with ... Read More

  • DATE PUBLISHED 14-11-17

    We are happy to inform you that on Sunday 12 November last, m.v. Seatrade Green (CV22H-SE01) has been successfully launched at Dashenzhou Shipyard in Zhoushan district, China. This milestone in... Read More

  • DATE PUBLISHED 17-07-17

    Press release 17 July 2017.

  • DATE PUBLISHED 07-07-17

    On 6 July 2017 and 59 days after the first two vessels of the series, the first blocks for the next two reefer vessels were placed in dock at GSHI shipyard near Zhongshan, China.

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  • DATE PUBLISHED 16-05-17

    Monday 8 May 2017, a new milestone was achieved for the newbuilding of a series of  ‘freezers’ at GSHI shipyard. For two vessels, a ‘Ceremony For First Block in Dry Dock’ took place to bring... Read More