Crew management
at your service


Triton makes an effort to stimulate crews and improve their qualities. The human element is of high importance to the whole Shipmanagement Group. The sourcing of crew is done by Avior Marine Crewing in the Philippines and Russia. Here the seafarers take part in in-house developed, vessel specific training programs and refresher courses. Triton takes care of its crew. They are the key factor to success and have been part of the family for many years. We offer:

  • Directly controlled crew sources
  • A high retention rate of 98% owing to training, development and education practices
  • Management Leadership and Development Program
  • Crew clusters to retain experience and expertise
  • A cadet program that promotes professional development

Cadet program

To meet the high standards set by Triton the emphasis is on development of own Officers rather than recruitment. The cadet program makes up the backbone of this strategy. Every year, Triton takes in cadets from Europe, Russia and the Philippines and offers them the opportunity to gain experience by on the job training at sea. Cadets performing well are offered sponsorships to finalize their training and studies to obtain an Officers' license.

Through this program most of the cadets will have obtained their Officer’s license within eighteen  months after first joining a ship. After this, the cadet will progress through the ranks as Officer Trainee (OT). As OT he will be required to complete several in-house developed trainings.  His performance and career development will be guided and monitored by the Personal Development System (PDS).